Weetabix – the king of breakfast bikkies

Weetabix has been a regular fixture in this household’s Seinfeldian display of cereals since our older son was seven months old, when he had it with milk and banana. That was 8 years ago, so you can imagine my reluctance to stop stocking our larder with this stuff.

Although his interest in it has waned a tad in favour of variety – other cereals too, or toast, or yoghurt and fruit – thankfully my younger son has decided this is his favourite breakfast – and eaten preferably as displayed, with cream cheese and strawberry jam.

This is an incarnation I’d never realised possible until a pregnant friend from Australia (one of the original homes of Weetabix) said it was the one thing she constantly craved. After I tried it thus, or slathered with butter, I couldn’t blame her.

Two biscuits pack a welcoming 120 calories, 4 grams of protein , a miniscule 2 grams of sugar and 16 percent of one’s daily fibre needs – what’s there to think about?

For more Weetabix recipes, click here.

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April 7, 2009. Tags: , . Breakfast, Kids Cuisine.


  1. Nigel Ashton replied:

    ***Please note***

    Weetabix has stopped making Organic Weetabix.

    Please please write to them to urge them to reconsider this step backwards.

    My family were on at least a box a week, now we just can’t bring ourselves to eat the non-organic version!

  2. A Day for Hamantaschen (Gezundheit!) « Diva Indoors: Food, with love replied:

    […] And also, with the eating of hamantaschen, shaped like Haman’s hat. Why anyone would be inspired to make a tart that looked like a villain’s hat is beyond me. But here’s how you make them. See here for previous recipes for pastry and fillings alike. This year, with a nod to my roots in Southeast Asia, I made a pineapple jam (these are traditionally used in tarts made during the Lunar New Year). Pineapple jam has more texture, flavor and aroma than applesauce, and is wonderful on toast or Weetabix. […]

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