A Ghastly To-Do List. And Halloween Cupcakes To Die For


The to-do list went on and on, even as a sense of foreboding and doubt built, as if it were The Ten Commandments. Only it outnumbered them: (more…)


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Chicken Stirfry with Red and Yellow Peppers and Cashew

This is one of the fall-back recipes I’ve kept from decade to decade. It worked as well in the BC days (before children) as it does now – the only difference being in how I use my free time (far more frivolously in those days) and is inspired by the fresh and quickly prepared ‘street food’ in Singapore.  It’s easy, you only need the one wok, and takes 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Just put the rice in a rice cooker before you start chopping the veg and chicken fillets and watch everything come together at the end for a steamy-hot comforting meal on a cold-weather day like today. The red and yellow peppers may be substituted for green beans, broccoli or sugar snap peas.

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

It was nostalgic cooking with butternut squash recently, a much-neglected activity since the early months of weaning both my children. It has literally been years since I have picked up this fruit, preferring instead to make pies, couscous, roasted veg dishes and soups with pumpkin instead.

Back in the day, I’d skin the Mr-Peanut-shaped, pale beige butternut, cube and steam it, then whizz it into the most attractive orange-colored (more…)

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Cinnamon Cupcakes

These are immensely popular with adults and kids alike. I thought I’d throw the cinnamon in instead of vanilla, betting confidently that this would keep the kids at bay. But no such luck.
Make them mini bite-size cupcakes and even the ladies on permanent diets will reach for seconds, even as they protest (feebly).

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