Thanksgiving Breakfast is.. Upma!

I had a much-needed lie-in today after weeks of early wakings (deliberate) and sleeplessness (unintended). Came downstairs to find husband and kids watching the Thanksgiving Parade on CBS , on which a commentator, doing the easiest job on TV, refers to Spiderman as Superman.  One superhero wears his underpants on the outside and a big S on his chest, the other’s in tights – not too hard to differentiate. But she got Pikachu right – the chubby yellow fellow in the Pokemon series (I would have guessed his name was Pokemon).

As I was reluctant to make pancakes or waffles (our Sunday regulars), and no one was in the mood for the weekday cereals, yoghurt or fruit, my kids and hubby voted for upma – an Indian pudding made of durum wheat. Great idea,  I thought!  It could well have been breakfast for the pilgrims and native Indians, being made of wheat, fruit and nuts and a pinch of salt.  (more…)


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