Strawberry and Cara Cara Orange Salad with Basil

So I’ve started the year off with two healthy posts. Let’s see how long this lasts before cake begins to assert its upper hand! Cara Cara oranges, which are grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley (and sold by Sunkist), are tantalisingly juicy, sweet, low acid and have a beautiful grapefruit-red flesh, which lent itself happily to the creation of this vivid and refreshing salad. I didn’t need further reason to pick this fruit but it’s nice to know it’s packed with vitamins A, C and fiber, along with foliate, potassium and antioxidant lycopene. In fact, the oranges and strawberries were so sweet, I did away with the original plan of a balsamic reduction as a dressing, instead just sprinkling the salad with a light dusting of icing sugar, purely for aesthetic reasons. The only herb at hand happened to be basil, which was just as well – it was the perfect touch. Feel free to substitute the sugar with stevia, or nothing at all.

  • cara cara oranges, 2
  • handfuls of strawberries, halved, 2
  • cherries, a few (for colour contrast)
  • basil, a few leaves, sliced into ribbons
  1. Arrange on plate and dust with icing sugar or stevia

January 3, 2010. Tags: . Fruit Salads, Nutrition, Salads.


  1. Janet replied:

    Looks very yummy. What did you serve it with? Are cara cara oranges blood oranges for the squeamish, or are they two different types of fruit?

    • divaindoors replied:

      This one went nicely with a spicy grilled fish 🙂 Cara cara are different from blood oranges – the latter have a deeper colour – and cara cara are less acidic.
      From the outside, they have all the characteristics of a great orange – firm with a touch of give, perfectly round and a fabulous bright orange colour. You know how they can look a bit yellow and misshapen sometimes!

  2. Jodi Reinman replied:


  3. Ben replied:

    Huge Cara Cara fan! Found these this year, and cant stop eating them. ..Just created a fan page for these on facebook. Please post this link on my page.. great salad!

  4. Cara Cara Orange and Blueberry Salad with Crystallized Ginger « Diva Indoors: Food, with love replied:

    […] handfuls of blueberries, one Cara Cara orange and small chunks of crystallized ginger. Here’s another salad I made a few weeks ago with these lovely oranges, which are less acidic than regular oranges, and […]

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