Eye Candy for Design-Hungry Kitchenistas

I have a weakness for shiny things. And colorful things. And sleek, cleverly designed things. If a shiny or colorful thing comes in a beautifully designed package, then I have no choice but to get the credit card out. From where we once lived in central London, I didn’t have to go far to find a plethora of design-centric stores inspired by creative geniuses in Britain or Europe, which offered me perfect visual inspiration, if not gratification for any urgent kitchen-related needs. Apart from the smaller stores on Islington High Street, there were Habitat, Heal’s and The Conran Shop, which luckily came across the Atlantic too.

I came across Joseph Joseph’s attractive website recently, set up by a pair of equally fetching UK-based twin brothers, and noted with glee that they will, for a fee, deliver to the US. As the items are priced as invitingly as the contents of Joseph Joseph’s online shop, I have already popped one (guess which) into my virtual shopping basket.

It’s sitting there for now because I don’t need this beautiful thing, I merely covet it. But if one of you has a special occasion coming up , let me know. It could inspire the right amount of pressure my finger needs (which isn’t much) to push that Buy Now button!


February 2, 2010. Tags: , . British, Kitchen Gagdets, Kitchen Stuff.


  1. Vanetha replied:

    Hi there! What a great blog! I have subscribed. So impressed and proud of you. Will spend more time on it soon and hopefully be able to share some of my recipes too. Anyway, you will be delighted to note that the fetching Joseph Brothers have a US based website so no need to buy off the UK website.xx

    • divaindoors replied:

      Thanks! Looking forward to those recipes. Saw the little flag on the JJ bros site.. woo hoo! xo

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