Memorial Day BBQ: Salmon with Ginger and Cumin

This salmon, sitting there on a burntish plank which I didn’t soak for as long as I myself have specified below, looks unassuming and not particularly enticing. But it has converted the salmon-averse to salmon avariciousness! (more…)


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Memorial Day BBQ: NY Strip Steak and Spring Leaf Salad with Goat Cheese

Ever since we got rid of our old grill (which traveled all the way here from Canada before sputtering to its expiration) and bought a new one, I’ve had trouble dragging my husband away from it.

Here’s what went on it recently, faithfully and perfectly cooked, thanks to the attention-holding properties of a perfect spring afternoon, a cold beer, and a Weber iPhone app 😉


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Do Girls Make Passes at Boys with Glasses?

(Published on Barista Kids on May 19th)

My older son came home from school a few weeks ago and said he had passed an eye test, given by the school nurse, with flying colors. So it naturally came as a shock to us, and him, to be told by his doctor at a regular medical checkup shortly afterwards, that he might be myopic.


My firstborn, just 10, has lost his perfect vision! Was my immediate reaction. But then I considered how common it is for people to wear glasses, the mind-boggling array of screens, books (avid readers may be more susceptible to near-sightedness), and books on screens, and the fact that my husband and I both had to wear specs as teenagers.

Well, the poor kid didn’t stand a chance. (more…)

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Environmental Cancer Risks and Minimizing Exposure

It’s one thing to take charge of your life by trying to make sure you, and your family, are eating the best possible produce that’s least contaminated by chemicals and other health-threatening compounds. It’s another when these harmful compounds are in the air we breathe and in the water we drink.

Almost everyone I know is extremely selective of what they eat. Loads of friends are vegetarian, or grow their own vegetables and herbs, or pay attention to where their fish and meat come from and what sorts of additives, coloring, antibiotics or growth hormones have gone into them.

In this light, although aware of carcinogens in the environment, it was still alarming to read the details of what President Obama’s Cancer Panel had to say in a report submitted to him recently. Here are some highlights: (more…)

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Of Kids, Mystery Ailments and Jam Jars

You may have noticed I’ve stopped making excuses for long silences. Something will, and must, fall between the cracks when one juggles home, work and blogging. But I’m sorry to have kept the three of you hanging all these weeks 😉

On Monday, my younger boy woke up in tears because he couldn’t walk. Bewildered, I urged him to stay in bed while I got my older son ready and out the door to catch his school bus. Eventually, he got out of bed, and, I gave him an umbrella to use as a walking stick while I set up an appointment with his doctor. He couldn’t climb stairs, he could barely hoist himself onto a chair, and I later had to lift him into the car. In between banging out seven stories, I took him to four different medical establishments – his pediatrician, a lab for bloodwork, radiology, and finally, a pediatric orthopedist (or is it orthopedic pediatrician?) way out in Cedar Knolls, Morris County.

Let me tell you about that journey. (more…)

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