Hooking Them Early on Books

(Published on Barista Kids, June 2, 2010)
Pregnant with my first son, it was drummed into the heads of parents-to-be by doctors, nurses, healthbook writers and every well-meaning stranger on the street who insisted on petting my belly, that kids should be introduced to books as early as possible.

So I complied.

As my newborn son flailed around on his playmat, unwittingly hitting Mr Octopus and Miss Mirror-Thingamebob that hung from its arches with twitchy limbs he had yet to master, I regularly thrust at him all the baby cloth-books I’d collected in the months preceding his appearance in the world.

Did he appear interested? Er, yes. Possibly more in the sound of his mother’s voice. But I was certainly interested, and desired no distractions from worshipping at the altar of my firstborn.

So, like CDs on a rack, books slipped naturally into our daily routine of naps, meals, walks, bath, mat and tickle time. (more…)


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