Easy as Pie (Some Make it Look That Way)

This post is dedicated to all mums and dads who juggle careers and classes and unpaid work and family life, often with difficulty, but always with passion.

Two years ago, we uprooted our kids from their home/school/neighborhood/country as they knew it at the time and, with just days before the start of a new school year, landed in New Jersey, completely friendless and brand new.

On our first morning at the bus stop, I spied a friendly lady with her kids, who dashed over the street with a big grin and asked, “Are you a bus stop mom?” It so happened I was. We were immediately invited to her ‘bus stop party’ that Friday and, just like that, the kids and I had friends and were no longer¬†new. (more…)


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A Meal in a Ball, with Peanut Butter

Our friends Deb and David are a step (and a male kid) ahead of us, having three beautiful, lively boys to be outnumbered by contend with and being familiar with the eating idiosyncracies of all of them. I was talking to them recently about how my second son, who isn’t the universal eater like my oldest but still eats mostly everything at home, hardly touches any sandwiches I’ve packed for him for school this year. (more…)

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Smiles, and a New Pan

One of my sons came home from school, picked up the mail on the porch and started going through it. One envelope caught his attention and he started going, “awww” and “can we please give money to this baby?” It was from the SmileTrain – a charity that provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children. In this ‘want, want’ age, I was gratified for this display of empathy, so the answer was of course, yes (and please click on the link, too, if you can), and my son said, “Now those babies can smile again!” (more…)

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Lack of Focus (and Flavor) at Bamboo

Staying ¬†power seems to have eluded a string of restaurants on Valley Road in Montclair, NJ, a fantastic street that’s chock full of interesting shops and other restaurants.

First was Fawa, on 605 Valley, which kept me at bay its claims about French-Asian fusion food. ‘Fusion’ isn’t a very inviting concept, though I love French food on its own, and any stripe of Asian food, on its own. Fawa sat there for months, ventured into by exactly two friends who didn’t have anything remarkable to say about it, and was replaced by Sakura (click on the link to read a story about that and other sushi restaurants in the area). Before I could even get excited, and despite quickly earning a reputation for creativity with the food presentation (ominously, like its predecessor), it, too, folded. (more…)

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