Mes Reves: Classical French in Bloomfield

(A version of this was published on Baristanet Feb. 18, 2010)

Broad Street in Bloomfield has become a veritable haunt for foodies. With Momoya, Brookside Thai and Pandan, Bohemia and Stamna in close proximity, the slick Mes Reves is in a building all its own – a shiny new star on a block where the other stores and restaurants are stacked shoulder to shoulder.

The restaurant doesn’t let on much from the outside, but I felt my post-work tensions dissipate as I walked into its airy and light interior, where tasteful light fixtures, glass panels, pale yellow upholstery and warm, oak-stained floors come together harmoniously (yet unostentatiously).

Mes Reves (French for my dreams) opened its doors on Feb. 7, and appeared to be off to an encouraging start, enjoying a full house on Valentine’s Day, and a reasonably brisk dining room on subsequent evenings, one of which included familiar faces such as those of Bloomfield’s Mayor Ray McCarthy and several members of the town council. (more…)


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Sweets for my Sweet – Marshmallows

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Warning: Mushy content.

This year, like every year since the boys were 5, both sons (now 9 and 10) came home with full lists of their classmates’ names – basically a command from their teachers that they write out noncommittal, non-anonymous Valentine’s Day notes, attach the compulsory Hershey’s kisses to them, and dispatch to all in their classroom – boy, girl or the disinterested (that’d be my offspring). (more…)

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Enter the Year of the Rabbit!

The Year of the Rabbit hops in today, Feb 3rd, with a 15-day party involving a feast of symbolic food, visits to relatives and friends and general merry making with age-old traditions such as lion and dragon dances. All around the world, folks of Chinese descent will celebrate (or not, as the case may be) in different ways, depending on which region in China they trace their lineage from. (more…)

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Something Spicy in the Air .. it’s Brick Lane!

(A version of this was published on Baristanet Feb. 1, 2011)

I’ve been waiting for a yummy Indian restaurant to show up in a commercial space near me. Let’s hope this will be the one that will save meĀ  from slaving over a stove cooking Indian mealsĀ  (slaving is entirely necessary, unfortunately, to do it well)!

Brick Lane, the third offshoot of an Indian restaurant with its roots in NYC, will open its doors “in three weeks’ time,” almost directly opposite Valley National Bank on Valley Road, according to a manager of Brick Lane.

The restaurant is named for the street in London, UK, a landing area in decades past for Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish and Bengali/Sylheti immigrants, and on which many curry houses are located. (more…)

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