A Sweeter Tweeter (aka Cakebook)

(Published on Baristanet May 12, 2011)

Never underestimate the power of social media, even if you’re tweeting about cake.

Or the power of cake in general.

It was the savvy Twitter feed and Facebook posts of a young lady from Bloomfield that first alerted the tweet-sensitive antennas of Debbie Galant and me to the alluringly named Cake Seduction.


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A Spring Birthday!

I like to think of my child-rearing method now as carrot and stick. As in carrot cake and carrot stick. I’m not averse to cake, as you can tell by my well-fed Baked Goods label. But I am averse to anti-cupcake Nazi-types, who only fuel my desire to cheer the pro-life (pro-cake) population by regular and prolific baking. (more…)

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