Liveblog (sort of): Diva Babysits

It’s a work-at-home day. A friend had an important meeting in NYC today and her regular babysitters weren’t available. So, after attending our own oldest son’s graduation from elementary school, I offered to watch Rachael and Mark’s two young children for a few hours.

By few, I mean five six (but who’s counting). It’s been a while since this family’s had a youngest who’s just 3, so I thought it might be fun to liveblog (sort of) the occasion. (more…)


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Harrar, Ethiopian in South Orange

(Published on Baristanet June 21, 2011)

When the main component of your meal also serves as plate and spoon, it had better be tasty. And Harrar, an Ethiopian restaurant on the shop-and-restaurant-lined Village Plaza of South Orange, has its traditional sourdough flatbread, known as injera, down to a fine art.

The teff-based flatbread (teff is a high-fiber, high-iron, tiny grain harvested from an annual grass native to the northeast African highlands), is similar in texture but not ingredients to the Southern Indian dosa, a pancake which also goes through a fermentation process, and a labor-intensive grinding preceding it. (more…)

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