A Spring Birthday!

I like to think of my child-rearing method now as carrot and stick. As in carrot cake and carrot stick. I’m not averse to cake, as you can tell by my well-fed Baked Goods label. But I am averse to anti-cupcake Nazi-types, who only fuel my desire to cheer the pro-life (pro-cake) population by regular and prolific baking. (more…)


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New Year, New Cake: Cherry and Almond Slice

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Bring it on, 2011! After watching a quarter of 2010 vanish into the Bermuda Triangle (steroid treatment for four months for a mysterious allergy was no fun – but that’s fodder for another post, and only after much therapy!), I greet the year with hope and optimism and trust you do, too!

I’m hoping to be more regular with the posts this year. Indeed, from today (my birthday), I will have little excuse not to, for my lovely husband, key beneficiary of the naughty or nice things I bake, has bought me my first ever camera-related gadget – a macro lens. Woo hoo! So if you enjoy yummy details, there may soon be bigger and better ones on a screen near you 😉  (more…)

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After the Turkey Malarkey, a Fish Quiche

What do you do when you’re in a post-turkey rut? When the leftover cranberry relish, stuffing and sweet potato gratin are no longer calling your name? (Or scarier still, are calling your name with one stalk in the grave?) (more…)

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Happy Thanksgiving! And a Butternut Squash Pie

This is what’s in the oven right now!

The trial pies disappeared last week, so I’m baking a big one for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

Why the butternut squash? Why not?! Personally, the pumpkin and I don’t seem to get on really well, as it has a history of turning on me, even though I’m the one wielding the dangerous weapon (see earlier post). (more…)

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Plum Pickings on Park St

(Published on Baristanet, Nov. 16, 2010)

Once in a while, you meet a restaurateur who captures your attention not just for their culinary talent, but for their genuine warmth and candor. This was one of those occasions (the last was – can you believe it? – a year ago at Pahang in Verona, NJ)

Something fruity’s cropped up on Park St, Plum, a new restaurant that’s blossomed right on the old premises of Market.

Run by a warm and passionate young woman called Natalie Colledge, and named for the plum cakes commonly found in Germany where Colledge’s predecessors hail from, Plum serves breakfast and lunch, much of which is cooked or baked on the premises. (more…)

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Fall Harvest Goodies: Pumpkin Cupcakes

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A dozen of these cupcakes were casually carted off to a friend’s house last night as dessert for six kiddies, and another near-dozen vanished straight down the cake holes of immediate family members and sleepover pals, before I fully appreciated their appeal. So, here’s the recipe for these moist and luscious babies.

Those of you who enjoy amassing your pumpkin puree via slaving over a stove (ie. cubing and baking the squash, then whizzing in a food processor) may do so. Without sacrificing much in taste, those of you who struggle to find a minute to yourselves may enjoy my preferred puree-obtaining method for baking – via can opener!

After nearly hacking off a finger for the second year in a row, you may as well enjoy our Halloween squash handiwork too 🙂


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Easy as Pie (Some Make it Look That Way)

This post is dedicated to all mums and dads who juggle careers and classes and unpaid work and family life, often with difficulty, but always with passion.

Two years ago, we uprooted our kids from their home/school/neighborhood/country as they knew it at the time and, with just days before the start of a new school year, landed in New Jersey, completely friendless and brand new.

On our first morning at the bus stop, I spied a friendly lady with her kids, who dashed over the street with a big grin and asked, “Are you a bus stop mom?” It so happened I was. We were immediately invited to her ‘bus stop party’ that Friday and, just like that, the kids and I had friends and were no longer new. (more…)

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Rosh Hashana 5771: And Cake Makes the New Year Sweet

It was 12 years ago that my husband and I were at a party and we spied a friend’s incredibly cute curly-mopped 3-year-old hogging the buffet table and stuffing his fat cheeks with honey cake.

“I want one of those!” I declared to the hubby fresh off the chuppah.

“What, a baby?” he asked, brows raised.


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Spring Break Cookies: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate and Pistachio

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It’s not easy blogging on the road. Somehow I felt I was a really sad person for packing my laptop, but I had work to do, so that’s my excuse! We’re in DC for a quick spring break trip, after the kids’ grandparents’ plans to visit us from London were scuppered by an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano’s ash clouds.

Before we left home though, my boys and I rang in spring break with a batch of fresh, warm cookies. Sure, there’s plenty of perfectly good cookies out there in the stores, waiting all alluring and large and moist and studded with nuts, but I like to know that when my boys want one, some of those calories are going to count in a good way. And not just be plastered immediately on the hips!


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Passover Dessert: Orange and Hazelnut Torte

The key to a delicious and light Passover dessert, I believe, is not adding matzah to it. No disrespect to the cracker lookalike but if one doesn’t ordinarily grind up already-baked crackers and fling them in cake, there’s a good, taste-related reason for it.


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