Mesiah’s Charoset-Inspired Toffee’s a Revelation

(Published on Baristanet April 15th, 2011)

What could be sweeter than having some charoset at your Seder table made by Mesiah? Not the Messiah, but Nicky Mesiah, Montclair’s own queen of the caramelized confections, who has come up with a charoset-inspired toffee.

I cornered Miss Nicky recently and persuaded her to divulge the secrets of the Delivery of the Enslaved Toffee-Fruit Confection (to your home). (more…)


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Easter Fun with Friends

This is what we did for Easter. Had a fabulous jaunt in Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens (combined with a matzah ramble and picnic – second last day of Passover), which is having a cherry blossom festival, and then we joined our friends Rachael and Mark and family for an egg hunt at their home, followed by a veritable feast. And that was just tea (I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the rest of the food) – imagine what they do for brunch or dinner! I brought along my Passover Toffee-Chocolate Matzah Brittle, which, I can now proudly say, has been tried, tested and approved by no less than a rabbi! I desperately wanted to bring along a proper Easter dish, but it was hard to think what exactly, when no grains are allowed within 200 feet of me. But the brittle went down a treat with Christians, Jews and atheists alike, and I have improved my original recipe, so keep checking back for the details 😉

Now, here’s a story of family Easter celebrations by Georgette Gilmore, a friend and owner and editor-in-chief of the wonderful kids’ blog, Barista Kids.

Coming from a home with an American, Southern Baptist mother and a Greek father, our table was filled with a rich culture of foods. American Easter was religious and Greek Easter was all about the food. It was cultural for us and my favorite holiday.


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