A Sweeter Tweeter (aka Cakebook)

(Published on Baristanet May 12, 2011)

Never underestimate the power of social media, even if you’re tweeting about cake.

Or the power of cake in general.

It was the savvy Twitter feed and Facebook posts of a young lady from Bloomfield that first alerted the tweet-sensitive antennas of Debbie Galant and me to the alluringly named Cake Seduction.


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Smiles, and a New Pan

One of my sons came home from school, picked up the mail on the porch and started going through it. One envelope caught his attention and he started going, “awww” and “can we please give money to this baby?” It was from the SmileTrain – a charity that provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children. In this ‘want, want’ age, I was gratified for this display of empathy, so the answer was of course, yes (and please click on the link, too, if you can), and my son said, “Now those babies can smile again!” (more…)

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A Cheesy Anniversary at Tallmadge

Contrary to our usual flurry of activity and playing the tourist at the weekend, today we took it easy. After pottering around the house and doing our 4th grader’s helping our 4th grader with his French project, we did a bit of window shopping for outdoor furniture. Then, a welcome stop at our local wine store, the Amanti Vino, to pick up our club wines. We’d been members of the WSJ Wine Club in the early recession days (before newspapers dared to use the R word) but were thrilled to find this great deal close to home 😉 Two outstanding wines, from anywhere in the world, specially picked out by the store every month, allow us to try a much wider variety than we otherwise would, and to discover new favorites along the way. (more…)

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