Environmental Cancer Risks and Minimizing Exposure

It’s one thing to take charge of your life by trying to make sure you, and your family, are eating the best possible produce that’s least contaminated by chemicals and other health-threatening compounds. It’s another when these harmful compounds are in the air we breathe and in the water we drink.

Almost everyone I know is extremely selective of what they eat. Loads of friends are vegetarian, or grow their own vegetables and herbs, or pay attention to where their fish and meat come from and what sorts of additives, coloring, antibiotics or growth hormones have gone into them.

In this light, although aware of carcinogens in the environment, it was still alarming to read the details of what President Obama’s Cancer Panel had to say in a report submitted to him recently. Here are some highlights: (more…)


May 19, 2010. American, Health, Health Study, Stories. 2 comments.