Smiles, and a New Pan

One of my sons came home from school, picked up the mail on the porch and started going through it. One envelope caught his attention and he started going, “awww” and “can we please give money to this baby?” It was from the SmileTrain – a charity that provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children. In this ‘want, want’ age, I was gratified for this display of empathy, so the answer was of course, yes (and please click on the link, too, if you can), and my son said, “Now those babies can smile again!” (more…)


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Cool Range Find a Home

Long Branch beach had put me in the mood for a little an extended break and I returned to find myself smack in the middle of a house move and a kitchen makeover, plus two kids I can no longer afford to have away at summer camp!

It’s been fun picking out bits and pieces for my (hopefully) exciting new kitchen. One of the toughest decisions, though, was deciding on a free-standing range or stove.

I needed something practical, easy to clean, with a great oven and both a low-heat simmer burner (so I no longer have to use a bain-marie, or double boiler, for melting chocolate) as well as fast-boil super-BTU’d burner (so I don’t have to twiddle thumbs for too long for my umpteenth cup of tea). Did I mention the range also had to be good looking? (more…)

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The Zen Way to Keep Stainless Steel Spotless

Little did I imagine when I hankered after a kitchen with sparkling stainless steel appliances what a herculean task it would be to keep them glitzy and fingerprint free. In fact, I pin all blame for my recent absence from this blog on this time-consuming conundrum. (more…)

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