Pepping Up the After-School Snack

Snack: crackers, hummus, baby carrots, tomatoes, mango

Snack: crackers, hummus, baby carrots, tomatoes, mango

With lunchbox packing having become a chore and a bore (the boys, now 11 and 12, want something simple they can despatch quickly before returning to their busy social lives), my attention has turned to the hitherto overlooked after-school snack.



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Homemade Jaffa Cakes (for the 11 year old’s Birthday)

Jaffa cakes, homemadeIt can be a pain in one’s well-padded tuchus if one loves British sweets, chocolate and biscuits, but doesn’t currently live in the UK or its ex-territories. Yup, the former colonies got the short end of the chocolate finger here, for those Brits came, they conquered, they built the train lines, they took the jewels, the Jaffa cake and the curry, and left those behind with royally sweet teeth. (more…)

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Ginger Snaps

20121112-200340.jpgThis is the third recipe with ginger in recent weeks, after honey cake and burgers. Even panic shopping involved the fragrant rhizome – it was preceded by my having to get rid of my precious wodge of frozen ginger.   (more…)

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Minecraft Cake #2: The Creeper (for the 12-year-old’s birthday)

If you asked me 12 years ago, when child #1 was born, if I’d find myself baking a cake sinisterly named The Creeper, my response would have been ‘huh?!’ followed by ‘heck no.’ But with two boys mad on Minecraft in the house, this day was inevitable. Well, here it is, in all its neon green glory – attempt #2 at a Minecraft cake: Introducing The Creeper!   (more…)

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A Day for Hamantaschen (Gezundheit!) and Ester’s story

Once upon a time in Persia, there was a beautiful Jewish girl named Ester who was brought up by her stepdad (a cousin, Mordecai). One day, stepdad-cousin Mordecai, who purportedly loved Ester dearly, thought it would be a brilliant idea to have her join the harem of the King of Persia. The king, luckily, fancied Ester and made her queen, so she wasn’t just any old sex slave but the chief one.


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Liveblog (sort of): Diva Babysits

It’s a work-at-home day. A friend had an important meeting in NYC today and her regular babysitters weren’t available. So, after attending our own oldest son’s graduation from elementary school, I offered to watch Rachael and Mark’s two young children for a few hours.

By few, I mean five six (but who’s counting). It’s been a while since this family’s had a youngest who’s just 3, so I thought it might be fun to liveblog (sort of) the occasion. (more…)

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A Meal in a Ball, with Peanut Butter

Our friends Deb and David are a step (and a male kid) ahead of us, having three beautiful, lively boys to be outnumbered by contend with and being familiar with the eating idiosyncracies of all of them. I was talking to them recently about how my second son, who isn’t the universal eater like my oldest but still eats mostly everything at home, hardly touches any sandwiches I’ve packed for him for school this year. (more…)

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Rosh Hashana 5771: And Cake Makes the New Year Sweet

It was 12 years ago that my husband and I were at a party and we spied a friend’s incredibly cute curly-mopped 3-year-old hogging the buffet table and stuffing his fat cheeks with honey cake.

“I want one of those!” I declared to the hubby fresh off the chuppah.

“What, a baby?” he asked, brows raised.


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Hooking Them Early on Books

(Published on Barista Kids, June 2, 2010)
Pregnant with my first son, it was drummed into the heads of parents-to-be by doctors, nurses, healthbook writers and every well-meaning stranger on the street who insisted on petting my belly, that kids should be introduced to books as early as possible.

So I complied.

As my newborn son flailed around on his playmat, unwittingly hitting Mr Octopus and Miss Mirror-Thingamebob that hung from its arches with twitchy limbs he had yet to master, I regularly thrust at him all the baby cloth-books I’d collected in the months preceding his appearance in the world.

Did he appear interested? Er, yes. Possibly more in the sound of his mother’s voice. But I was certainly interested, and desired no distractions from worshipping at the altar of my firstborn.

So, like CDs on a rack, books slipped naturally into our daily routine of naps, meals, walks, bath, mat and tickle time. (more…)

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Do Girls Make Passes at Boys with Glasses?

(Published on Barista Kids on May 19th)

My older son came home from school a few weeks ago and said he had passed an eye test, given by the school nurse, with flying colors. So it naturally came as a shock to us, and him, to be told by his doctor at a regular medical checkup shortly afterwards, that he might be myopic.


My firstborn, just 10, has lost his perfect vision! Was my immediate reaction. But then I considered how common it is for people to wear glasses, the mind-boggling array of screens, books (avid readers may be more susceptible to near-sightedness), and books on screens, and the fact that my husband and I both had to wear specs as teenagers.

Well, the poor kid didn’t stand a chance. (more…)

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