Acappello Sings To Your Tastebuds

(First published on Baristanet 11.11.11)

First cousins Dardan Mati, Ben Husenaj and Naz Husenaj were singing a familiar business reprise when they opened Acappello on Bloomfield Ave a month ago. The restaurant, named with a nod to the Wellmont Theater next door, is their fifth restaurant in New Jersey, following Cara Mia in Millburn, La Campagna in Morristown, La Catena in Bridgewater and La Catena 22 in Roselle Park. (more…)


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Anthony’s Cheesecake: A Year in Bloomfield

It’s been a year in Bloomfield, NJ for Anthony’s Cheesecake, whose repertoire has expanded to breakfast, brunch and lunch, alongside a mouthwatering array of baked goodies. You get all types when it comes to restaurateurs, but I like Anthony’s type best. Friendly and down-to-earth, and it’s nice that we both take food inspiration from our grandmothers. It also helps that he always remembers my (cake loving) son’s name and asks about him.

Here’s the story I wrote about Anthony’s Cheesecake when it opened last year.

I talked to him as the cafe celebrated its first anniversary recently, and here’s what he said: (more…)

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Brick Lane Sizzles in Montclair

(A version of this review was published on Baristanet, July 26, 2011. This review includes dishes and photos from a subsequent visit. )

In the midst of the most blistering summer week in recent memory on the eastern seaboard, residents gave Brick Lane, Montclair’s new and most eagerly awaited Indian restaurant, a fervent welcome.


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Harrar, Ethiopian in South Orange

(Published on Baristanet June 21, 2011)

When the main component of your meal also serves as plate and spoon, it had better be tasty. And Harrar, an Ethiopian restaurant on the shop-and-restaurant-lined Village Plaza of South Orange, has its traditional sourdough flatbread, known as injera, down to a fine art.

The teff-based flatbread (teff is a high-fiber, high-iron, tiny grain harvested from an annual grass native to the northeast African highlands), is similar in texture but not ingredients to the Southern Indian dosa, a pancake which also goes through a fermentation process, and a labor-intensive grinding preceding it. (more…)

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Mes Reves: Classical French in Bloomfield

(A version of this was published on Baristanet Feb. 18, 2010)

Broad Street in Bloomfield has become a veritable haunt for foodies. With Momoya, Brookside Thai and Pandan, Bohemia and Stamna in close proximity, the slick Mes Reves is in a building all its own – a shiny new star on a block where the other stores and restaurants are stacked shoulder to shoulder.

The restaurant doesn’t let on much from the outside, but I felt my post-work tensions dissipate as I walked into its airy and light interior, where tasteful light fixtures, glass panels, pale yellow upholstery and warm, oak-stained floors come together harmoniously (yet unostentatiously).

Mes Reves (French for my dreams) opened its doors on Feb. 7, and appeared to be off to an encouraging start, enjoying a full house on Valentine’s Day, and a reasonably brisk dining room on subsequent evenings, one of which included familiar faces such as those of Bloomfield’s Mayor Ray McCarthy and several members of the town council. (more…)

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Something Spicy in the Air .. it’s Brick Lane!

(A version of this was published on Baristanet Feb. 1, 2011)

I’ve been waiting for a yummy Indian restaurant to show up in a commercial space near me. Let’s hope this will be the one that will save me  from slaving over a stove cooking Indian meals  (slaving is entirely necessary, unfortunately, to do it well)!

Brick Lane, the third offshoot of an Indian restaurant with its roots in NYC, will open its doors “in three weeks’ time,” almost directly opposite Valley National Bank on Valley Road, according to a manager of Brick Lane.

The restaurant is named for the street in London, UK, a landing area in decades past for Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish and Bengali/Sylheti immigrants, and on which many curry houses are located. (more…)

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Authentic Thai and Vietnamese in Bloomfield, NJ

(Published on Baristanet Jan. 13, 2011)

JukGajee – Thai on Broad St

How does it work if a Thai restaurant decides it needs to also present burgers on its menu? My Baristanet colleague Annette Batson and I decided to investigate.

JukGajee, on Broad St in Bloomfield, occupies a huge space over two stories, with the upper level dedicated to events and functions. Manager, Chan Vinh, 40, who lives in West Orange and hails from the Chonburi province of Thailand, said JukGajee was his first restaurant and that he had worked before in a restaurant with his father in Yonkers. (more…)

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Turkish Delights at the Four Seasons Kebab House

(Published on Baristanet Dec. 20, 2010)

If there’s one thing Valley Road had lacked, it was a family restaurant serving wholesome, ethnic food, with lashings of warmth and hospitality.

Enter Four Seasons, the Kebab House, on Valley Road in Montclair, NJ.

Owner Ozturk Eren, 44, is very particular. From the way he is adamant Turkish tea should be drunk – straight up without milk or sugar, to his insistence, for consistency’s sake, on personally preparing all the safely guarded family recipe-based sauces served at Four Seasons, he knows exactly what he wants.


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Plum Pickings on Park St

(Published on Baristanet, Nov. 16, 2010)

Once in a while, you meet a restaurateur who captures your attention not just for their culinary talent, but for their genuine warmth and candor. This was one of those occasions (the last was – can you believe it? – a year ago at Pahang in Verona, NJ)

Something fruity’s cropped up on Park St, Plum, a new restaurant that’s blossomed right on the old premises of Market.

Run by a warm and passionate young woman called Natalie Colledge, and named for the plum cakes commonly found in Germany where Colledge’s predecessors hail from, Plum serves breakfast and lunch, much of which is cooked or baked on the premises. (more…)

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Tea for Two, in Nutley and Westfield

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

How is it possible that something brewed from dried leaves, which looks so innocuous, can be so evocative? Yet, tea both inspires and soothes. And it’s the first thing I’m after (not the martini, Mrs Draper) when I walk through my front door after work.

There’s nothing as comforting as a good, hot cup of it – its color, flavor, aroma, and, of course, its celebrated calming qualities. Throw some fresh-made scones and clotted cream into the mix and this becomes an irresistible repast. (more…)

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