Authentic Thai and Vietnamese in Bloomfield, NJ

(Published on Baristanet Jan. 13, 2011)

JukGajee – Thai on Broad St

How does it work if a Thai restaurant decides it needs to also present burgers on its menu? My Baristanet colleague Annette Batson and I decided to investigate.

JukGajee, on Broad St in Bloomfield, occupies a huge space over two stories, with the upper level dedicated to events and functions. Manager, Chan Vinh, 40, who lives in West Orange and hails from the Chonburi province of Thailand, said JukGajee was his first restaurant and that he had worked before in a restaurant with his father in Yonkers. (more…)


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Thinking of Vietnam: Huong Viet in Nutley, NJ

(Published on Baristanet, March 8, 2010)

The sudden closure of Little Saigon in Montclair late last year disappointed many, and raised curiosity as to why. The restaurant had been a familiar sight on the otherwise uninspiring Elm St. for four years, having moved there from Nutley, where it recovered from fire damage in 2003 and plugged on bravely for a couple more years.  It was great to discover that Little Saigon was alive and kicking, and basically resurrected back in Nutley in January under the new name, Huong Viet, which means thinking of Vietnam.

Nestled among the stores on Passaic Ave was Huong Viet, whose owner, Mr Quan Hua, explained that he closed shop in Montclair in November after its lease had expired.

“It (the rent) was too expensive in Montclair and there was no parking,” said Mr Quan, a Baristaville resident for more than a decade. “We decided to come back to Nutley where it is cheaper.”


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