Planning for Passover: 20 Lunch and Lunchbox Ideas

As promised, here are some suggestions for lunches and kiddy lunchboxes through Passover week. Feel free to share your favorites, and those of your kids, in comments 🙂

  • Tuna or salmon salad, with matzah on the side
  • Fish balls and veg sticks or salad
  • Soup, with matzah crackers
  • Matzah pizza (click on link)

  • Smoked salmon and salad and/or matzah
  • Matzah and chopped liver, salad on side
  • Selection of cheese, cherry tomatoes and fruit
  • Egg salad and crudites, matzah on side
  • Deli meat slices and salad or veg sticks
  • Hummus and matzah, with salad
  • Almond butter and matzah
  • Matzah and cream cheese, topped with cranberries, raisins or other dried fruit
  • Chicken salad, matzah on side
  • Baked potato and cheese or tuna or baked beans (ensure no thickener used in beans)
  • *Rice and dhal, or fried rice with veg
  • *Rice noodles/pasta and tomato sauce or pesto, with salad
  • Salad or crudites and matzah-meal-breaded fish or chicken
  • Matzah sandwiches with nut butters, jam, cream cheese, and fruit
  • Rice-paper rolls with fresh julienned vegetables and dip
  • Guacamole, matzah crackers and veg sticks

*suitable for Sephardi Passover meals


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  1. nancy replied:

    hummus and carrots sticks are perfect! thanks for the idea. i was getting the snack size from Costco but it is off my radar. I will re-introduce again!

  2. Judith replied:

    We all live on hummus! If you don’t make your own, you simply have to try Trader Joe’s own brand Cilantro & Jalapeno Hummus. Absolutely to die for!

  3. Passover Charoset: The Mortar of Love « Diva Indoors: Food, with love replied:

    […] remember I have an entire category of Passover recipes, as well as breakfast and lunchbox ideas for Passover week. And a luscious Passover chocolate cake, […]

  4. Mandi replied:

    thank you for the ideas, this came as a huge surprise :-)!!

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